Meghan Duffy | Executive Producer

If there is one place Meghan loves, it's Manitoba. This born and raised prairie producer has committed to this province and also providing excellent customer service to those who partner with Black Watch Entertainment. From the shores of the Whiteshell, to the desert in Carberry, Meghan will help you find the best locations suited for your project one scene at a time, highlighting all Manitoba has to offer a long the way.

Meghan has spent time both in front of the camera and behind the scenes on a wide array of shows. After attending the University of Winnipeg, Meghan was accepted into the Creative Communications program in Winnipeg which specialized in broadcast production, journalism, advertising and public relations. After spending time in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles, Meghan has found herself back home in Manitoba servicing productions one show or campaign at a time while carrying out her passions on screen.

She has been a part of Canada's largest shows such as ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT CANADA, DRAGON'S DEN, CTV MORNING LIVE, WINNIPEG DIRECT, AND BREAKFAST TV. Meghan also produces high end commercials, a few of her clients include BAUER, TELUS MOBILITY and PRICERAZZI, just to name a few.

If you are looking for an experienced producer with a proven track record, Meghan has the knowledge and team available to bring your ideas to life.

Donna Gall | Producer

With over 17 years in independent production, Donna has joined Black Watch Entertainment to help position the company for growth in the thriving service production market of Manitoba, CANADA. As Producer, she takes a leadership role in developing and maintaining the company brand and mandate: "We put the 'Service' back in Service Production". She is dedicated to maintaing partner relationships with producers from all around the world while providing excellent customer service to those who choose to shoot their films with Black Watch Entertainment in Manitoba. Donna also works in a producer capacity on many of Black Watch Entertainment's projects.

Donna received a Gemini Award for Best Writing in a Non Fiction Program or Series. Her past projects include COMPETE TO EAT, MAJUMDER MANOR, EVERY WORD IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE, WHAT'S IN A NAME, BALLET GIRLS, 40 YEARS OF ONE NIGHT STANDS, SECRET WORLD OF GARDENS, GREAT CANADIAN PARKS, RIVERS & LAKES, and three seasons of the award-winning series RECREATING EDEN.

Kristjan Harris | Producer

In the early/mid 90’s Kristjan studied film and acting at V.F.S and Studio on the Drive in Vancouver. After graduating he started a production company with a group of young filmmakers who cut their teeth creating and acting in their own productions. In 2000, Kristjan moved back to his home town of Winnipeg, where he worked in a number of departments and acted on bigger budget productions. In 2008, he moved to Toronto for 8 years, where he created, directed and produced large scale music festivals and events and owned music venues and bars. Back in Winnipeg, Kristjan is excited and happy to be working in the film industry as a producer for Black Watch Entertainment. Throughout the years, Kristjan has lived and worked in film in Mexico City, Tai Pei and Oslo and has travelled all over the U.S., North and Central America, Europe and Asia.